You are thinking of opening a restaurant, then this is for you!

Prior to opening a restaurant, owners should focus on multiple points, including understanding finance, choosing a concept and a value proposition, implementing complete customer service, knowing labor laws, adopting specialized restaurant technology, establishing processes and procedures, forming an adequate and structured team, selecting a cost control system, defining company policies, managing human resources and ensuring health prevention of occupational risks.

Even when they don’t have the money or all the resources to get it started, they should prioritize the following:

  • Concept – Restaurant design.
  • Finance, you must understand key points (we will explain these topics in detail). Follow us on
  • Complete customer service and interaction.
  • Know the labor laws of the state where the business is established.
  • Know how specialized restaurant technology works.
  • Processes – Procedures throughout the restaurant.
  • Adequate and structured team.
  • Choose a system to keep detailed control of all costs in the restaurant.
  • Value proposition.
  • Company policies.
  • If you have partners, go to our Blog – Restaurant Partnership.
  • Human resources – Work team.
  • Health prevention of occupational risks.
  • Others.

The aforementioned points are fundamental to comprehend. Presumably, you’re either passionate about the restaurant industry, possess experience or have spotted a lucrative investment opportunity. However, it’s essential to understand the basics if your objective is to expand and succeed in the business. Conversely, if you’re satisfied with starting a venture and working for it, then there’s no need to continue reading.

When designing a canvas for a restaurant, it is essential to consider the key elements that reflect the essence of the business and help visualize its model and strategy. Here are some important elements to include in a restaurant canvas:

  • Customer Segment: Identify the demographic groups and characteristics of the customers your restaurant is aimed at. They can be families, professionals, tourists, etc.
  • Value Proposition: Highlight what makes your restaurant unique and attractive to customers. It can include the quality of the food, the atmosphere, the service, among others.
  • Distribution Channels: Describe how you will distribute your offer to the market. These can be table service, home delivery, online ordering, etc.
  • Customer Relationships: Specify how you will interact and cultivate relationships with customers. This can be through loyalty programs, exceptional customer service, surveys, etc.
  • Income Sources: List the different ways you generate income, such as food and beverage sales, special events, catering, etc.
  • Key Resources: Technology – Work Team – Identify the resources to operate your restaurant, such as staff, kitchen equipment, fresh ingredients, etc.
  • Key Activities: Describe the critical actions you will take to execute your business model. It includes food preparation, customer service, inventory management, etc.
  • Key Partners: Mention any entities or suppliers that are critical to your operation, such as food suppliers, delivery services, etc.
  • Cost Structure: Details all costs associated with operating the restaurant, such as salaries, supplies, rent, marketing, etc. Use back office technology for cost control.
  • Intangible Assets: Highlight any intangible asset that adds value, such as brand reputation, exclusive recipes, culinary secrets, etc.
  • Activity Flow: Create a flowchart that represents how key activities are carried out from food preparation to delivery to the customer. (Processes)
  • Marketing and Promotion: Includes marketing strategies and tactics to attract and retain customers. This can range from social media to loyalty programs.
  • When developing a canvas for your restaurant, customize these elements to the unique characteristics of your business. The Canvas is a powerful visual tool that allows you to see the complete vision of your restaurant and strategically plan for success.
  • In subsequent installments, we are going to give you the most extensive explanation of each of these previous points. Our objective is to help all those who are in the world of the restaurant, not only with innovative technology for administration specifically made for this industry like ATHOZ. We know from the inside what the world of restaurants is like and we want to collaborate with the exciting world of restaurants and their work teams that we admire so much.

Whit Love.