Our goal is to help our clients automate their entire administrative system. Allowing the tasks of the administrative team, free up time to dedicate it to other activities such as serving customers or growing the business.



We help our customers by providing a personalized service according to their needs, with easy-to-use automation tools. Let us help you improve the operational efficiency of your gastronomic business through technological solutions.

Employee File

Allows you to have emergency contact information, health certificates, absences and permission records, as well as access by roles, where each role has different privileges.


Provides an option to share documents with your team. Among the most important benefits: the information stored in this section cannot be either downloaded or copied, hence avoiding information loss through downloadable files.

Notices or Announcements

Share communications with your team by area, branch, or company, allowing you to validate who has read the information shared.


Enables to create a list of tasks to perform by area or role, and to know who executes and supervises each of them.


Register your invoices, keep track of suppliers’ payments and debts, detail of consumption per supplier, and relation of invoices with the company’s checks.


Employee costs, petty cash, fixed costs. Allows to register your business operation costs to have a more specific control. “What is measured, can be controlled and improved”.


A tool that allows business owners to receive the evaluation of their customers opinions, consolidating this information in a single database, facilitating its access and classification, for improvement or new challenges within the company.

Work with Us

Provides your business with an electronic tool for personnel recruitment, posting and administration of vacancies, enabling you to have a centralized list of applicants.

Time Tracking

Allows you to control clock ins, clock outs, and rest time of employees, generate a list of reliable reports for payroll payout, and keep a historic record of payment percentages per team, individual, or branch.


When creating schedules, it alerts you if you’re reaching either daily or weekly overtime, being an easy-to-use tool that allows comparing budgeted hours versus consumed hours per employee, area, or branch. It also gives a web access for employees to check their assigned schedules and receive them by email according to their personal configuration.


With our tool, you will be able to design tasks to evaluate, assign them to a role or work area, as well as knowing who executes and who supervises them, maintaining the evaluation history that can also be sent by email to the accounts that need to report a result.


Manage your company’s inventory with our inventory solution, we integrate with intelligent sales systems.


We listen and analyze the client’s requirements.
We design the requirement based on our customer’s request and provide time estimation.
In order to corroborate that we are clear about the requirement, we meet with the client to discuss it and get the scope approval and deliver the work schedule.
A professional team builds the required solution.
Our quality tests are designed to ensure that what the customer requests, what is designed and what we build in development match. It is very important to us that our solutions are characterized by their ease of use and that they are intuitive for our end user.
In this stage we accompany the client implementing the solution and training the end users.
We define a time, according to the requirement, to monitor our services.
Being an easy to use tool, the client operates only our solutions, without forgetting that each of our client partners are assigned a representative of our company. Likewise, our technical support team is always ready to help, in a professional manner.


We help our customers by providing a personalized service according to their needs, with easy-to-use automation tools.

Business Consulting

An expert team to help you implement internal processes that help you improve the development of your company, your team.

Technical Support

A professional team will be there to meet your requirements, we assign a representative of the brand for your business.

Web Pages
Within our developments we help you to create professional and nice websites for your final client, logos or marketing and more just contact us.


We help our customers by providing a personalized service according to their needs, with easy-to-use automation tools.

A company dedicated to the development of solutions for gastronomic businesses.

Experts in running a successful restaurant are behind every design customized to the real internal needs, we integrate with other systems and offer everything in a single platform.

An online platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world using internet-enabled devices. We help our customers by providing a personalized service according to their needs, with easy-to-use automation tools.

We do not associate you with any contract, it is a monthly service that you can leave when you are no longer satisfied with the service.

Yes, it is a cloud service that you can access by roles and from any device with internet access.

You can write to us and schedule someone from our team to give you a demo at no cost to you.


ATHOZ appreciates the trust, they are some of our customers. We are committed, your satisfaction is our goal.


Contact Us! We are here to help you! We offer local support and personalized service through our representatives.