The Power of Menu Engineering: Boost Your Restaurant’s Profitability

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Introduction: Menu Engineering is a powerful tool for identifying the most profitable dishes in a restaurant. Often, the most profitable dishes aren’t the most popular. This post, divided into three parts, will help you understand and successfully implement Menu Engineering in your restaurant.

Benefits of Menu Engineering:

  • Identify and highlight the most profitable dishes.
  • Design the menu with clear financial goals.
  • Adjust offerings quickly to meet customer preferences.
  • Evaluate each dish’s contribution to overall profits.

Key Questions Answered by Menu Engineering:

  • Why are my profits decreasing?
  • What are the most popular dishes?
  • Which dishes should be highlighted to increase profits?

First Tip: An efficient POS system is crucial, not just for processing payments but for providing the necessary data for menu analysis.

Classifying Dishes Using the BCG Matrix: Menu Engineering uses the BCG Matrix to classify dishes into four categories: Stars, Cash Cows, Puzzles, and Dogs.

Star Dishes:

  • Combine high profitability and popularity.
  • Generate significant gross profits.
  • Tips:
    • Highlight on the menu and promote through suggestive selling.
    • Maintain consistency in flavor and presentation.

Cash Cow Dishes:

  • Popular but with low profit margins.
  • Tips:
    • Gradually increase prices.
    • Reduce ingredient costs.
    • Decrease portion sizes.

Puzzle Dishes:

  • High profitability but low popularity.
  • Tips:
    • Rename and reposition on the menu.
    • Train staff to promote these dishes.
    • Add value through quality ingredients.

Dog Dishes:

  • Neither profitable nor popular.
  • Tips:
    • Remove from the menu if they don’t improve.
    • Experiment with new or updated versions.
    • Offer as specials or limited-time options.

Steps to Implement Menu Engineering:

  1. Collect Data: Use a POS system to access sales history.
  2. Classification: Calculate each category individually and use a template for production costs.
  3. Analysis Frequency: Every 3 months for high turnover, every 6 months for low turnover.

Conclusion: Menu Engineering allows managers to focus on optimizing operations. Efficient inventory management, delegation, and advanced technological tools ensure operational efficiency and superior customer experience.

We end each post with gratitude towards the vibrant world of gastronomy. We deeply admire those who bring each dish to life and build unforgettable experiences. At ATHOZ – Innovative back-office technology for restaurants, we work tirelessly to boost your success, because we understand, respect and love the passion behind each restaurant. Join us on this culinary journey, by following us to discover how we can collaborate and enrich this delicious journey together. Let’s make gastronomic magic!


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